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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Janet Baker, Executive Director
Monday, July 10, 2017
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The Oregon Optometric Physicians Association elected its 2017-2018 board of directors to lead the
organization’s efforts to protect, promote and advance the professional practice of optometry at
its statewide membership meeting June 9 in Seaside, OR. These elected board members represent more
than 700 Optometric Physicians, faculty and students who devote their lives to caring for
Oregonians’ vision and eye health:

Dr. Gabby Marshall, OD, President (Elemental Eyecare, Bend Oregon)

Dr. Nicole Rush, OD, President Elect (Bandon Vision Center, Bandon Oregon)

Dr. Ashley McFerron, OD, Immediate Past President (Canby Eyecare, Canby Oregon)

Dr. Scott Walters, OD, Senior Past President (Eye Care Group of So. Oregon, Grants Pass

Dr. Darrin Fleming, OD, Secretary / Treasurer (Eugene Eye Care Associates, Eugene Oregon)
Dr. Amber Gatti Dunn, OD, Board Member (Gatti Vision, King City Oregon)

Dr. Nathan Roland, OD, Board Member (Kaiser Permanente Optometry)

Dr. Derri Sandberg, OD, Board Member (Lifetime Vision Care, Bend Oregon)

Optometric Physicians provide nearly 90% of primary eye care across Oregon. Critical medical issues
like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer and other sight and life threatening diseases are often
diagnosed first by eye doctors because the eye is the only exposed organ in the human body. With
routine annual comprehensive eye exams, Optometrists can diagnose and treat medical eye diseases,
injuries and conditions in addition to prescribing and corrective lenses to address vision issues.

Optometrists spend four years in post graduate study learning about the intricacies of the human
eye, and are licensed to diagnose and treat most eye health conditions. Optometric Doctors (ODs)
work closely with Ophthalmologists (MDs) to refer surgical treatments outside their scope of
practice, and together, they provide comprehensive eye care services to Oregonians. Optometric
Physicians place patient safety above all other considerations, and recommend all individuals
receive in person annual comprehensive eye exams to protect against the onset of disease or eye
health problems not discernable with online or other self-administered tests.

One in four school aged children have undiagnosed vision problems, and are often misdiagnosed with
attention or behavior issues, medicated, tracked and never reach their educational or lifelong
potential. OOPA recommends all children receive their first comprehensive eye exams before age 1,
then again at age 3 and 5 to ensure their academic success and to prevent unnecessary blindness or medical eye conditions.