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Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

By Judith Whitehead

August is upon us and our children have been enjoying their summer activities and sports as they get ready for the start of the school year.  It also is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month.

By the time this month comes around, baseball, soccer and other sports are winding down and children may be becoming careless in regard to their eye safety. It is imperative that they continue to use eye protection in the form of recreation specs or glasses, helmets and safety gear.

Every year, we always see a child who has gotten injured and hit in the face or eye by a ball or other object. That injury can be avoided by taking a few extra minutes to ensure a safe game.

Also, as the new school year approaches, all preschool children should have a baseline eye evaluation. Children rarely complain if an eye is not performing; they often will just go along with the use of one good eye.