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Advocacy Day


Advocacy Day at the Capitol is February 20, 2020 …. Sign Up NOW 


Our State Advocacy Day is scheduled for February 20, 2020 at the State Capitol.  Please join us in Salem for this invaluable day for your practice and your profession.   We need OD’s and Students to meet with our legislators.    Sign UP Here

We need constituents / key persons for each and every legislator! This day is invaluable to your practice and your profession. Please schedule a day out of the office with us.

Be there to defend Optometry! If we don’t meet with the Legislators, but our opponents do, they win! We need to educate our legislators about the importance of laws that protect Optometry and our ability to serve our patients.  Without these legislative meetings, everything we have fought so hard to gain could be taken away from us.

Downtown Salem Parking Map 

For accommodations, please check with Lynne – a few rooms are still available for the 19th.