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FTC Comment Period Ends Oct 26, 2015

Report CL Abuses to FTC, AOA and OOPA!
Take action NOW to be heard in Washington DC!

The FTC is seeking public comments in its scheduled 10 year review of regulations that implement the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA). But the deadline for comment is October 26!

AOA will submit comprehensive formal comments on the rule before October 26. The process allows doctors to report violations of the FCLCA and affect federal regulatory policy that has a direct impact on patient safety.

We must loudly fight back against unscrupulous CL sellers’ tactics that put patients at increased risk and violate the letter and spirit of the law.

We need your stories!

This includes instances of patients being harmed, the receipt of duplicative or improper prescription requests, experiences related to incorrect or unauthorized contact lenses being sold, etc.

This comment period is uniquely timely as we fight against wreckless tactics by CL companies to interfere with the doctor – patient relationship, and organize against optometry for new state legislative battles.

It’s time to tell your stories of unfair and dangerous tactics by CL companies….such as these we’ve heard from ODs across the country:

“We had two patients last week that came in after we contacted them concerning repeated requests from 1800 for orders with expired CL prescriptions. When they arrived they reported receiving their orders anyway. We have documents verifying our response within the appropriate time to deny the order.”

What are your stories that will tell the FTC that CL companies are violating the law?


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