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Legislative Update Alert – SB 933 & HB 3530

Nicole Rush, ODFrom the Advocacy Director

Nicole Rush, OD


I want to personally thank all of you who have contributed to your AOA-PAC & OOPAC this year!!!

What a difference it makes in our ability to practice. Our Legislative Teams, both in Oregon and Washington D.C., were greatly successful this past week.

On the National front, I am happy to say that you can once again submit your claims to Medicare without a 21% paycut. Thank you, AOA! And thank you to the Oregon OD’s who took 4 days away from their practices to travel with myself and our Executive Director out to DC to meet with our Legislators. Jim Hale, O.D., Scott Walters, O.D. and Sagina O’Halloran, O.D.

Back in Salem, Bonnie Gauer, O.D., Ashley McFerron, O.D. and Trevor Cleveland, O.D., assisted by our AOA staff who flew here from Washington D.C., testified against 1-800 Contacts last Wednesday. They successfully put the Universal Pricing Policy (UPP) issue to rest in Oregon. Look up SB 933 for more information.

Just Monday this week, our OOPA President, Bonnie Gauer, O.D., took the stand again and testified on all of our behalf to prohibit vision plans from forcing optometrists to charge below-market prices for services and materials that are not covered by the plan, and to prohibit them from forcing us to accept certain insurance plans in order to be on others, along with many other items. See HB 3530 for details. It passed out of the House Health Care Committee with flying colors.

So, next time you see any of these O.D’s please thank them for taking time away from their patients and practices to assure that you can practice optometry as you should and get fully reimbursed for your efforts here in Oregon! They do this all on their own time, which costs them thousands of dollars in revenue. You truly have great leaders in Oregon Optometry.

And PLEASE continue to contribute to the PAC’s. Unfortunately, without those funds we couldn’t accomplish anything in Salem or Washington D.C.

Nicole Rush, O.D.
OOPA Advocacy Director