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Oregon needs your support of HB 3530-B!



What’s Changed? Why do I need to call my House Members again on this same bill?  

Thanks to your quick response in contacting your Senators, SB 3530-A is on its way back to the House for final approval, but this time including the amendment that prevents vision plans from dictating that you use their out of state lab facilities. (That’s why it’s now called HB 3530-B.) This is more than we thought possible, but thanks to your voices and extraordinary work by our OOPA Advocacy Team, the Senate put the lab language back in the bill.

Now we need your final push to carry the bill over the finish line.

Your State Representatives are receiving HB 3530-B back for final approval, and they need to know how important that lab portion is to you as small businesses in Oregon.

If HB 3530-B doesn’t pass and these national vision companies are allowed to continue these unfair practices the costs to Oregon optometrists continue to be extreme.

Oregon small businesses will start to fail, Oregon residents will lose their jobs and Oregon patients will be stuck without local eye care. Closure of Oregon labs means loss of jobs and loss of revenue for the state of Oregon. Closure of Oregon eye provider offices in particular produces an immeasurable cost – Oregonians will not have access to good eye care. 

Legislators represent their constituents… You ARE their constituents
You TREAT their constituents! Get it?  They want to hear from YOU!
To find your House Representative click here

Please tell your Representative that Oregon needs legislation that…

1.  Protects the patient’s right to choose their preferred materials and receive glasses fabricated within a reasonable amount of time and with high quality workmanship.  

2.  Secures ongoing access to reasonably priced and necessary eye health care for Oregonians.

3.  Supports primary eye care providers, especially in rural settings, so that Oregonians can easily and efficiently maintain their eye health and reduce the chance of disability due to vision loss.

4.  Ensures that Oregon eye care providers are working in a fair small business environment.  

5.  Places the welfare of Oregon’s economy and jobs before the pocketbooks of large national insurance companies.

For more detailed information, click here for a one-pager on HB 3530-B.