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Oregon Rural Health Association ACTION ALERT

Rural Provider Tax Credit remains at risk!


The Rural Practitioner Tax Credit will sunset if the 
Tax Credits Committee does not pass SB 178


The Joint Tax Committee has still not agreed to hear SB 178.  

If you want to save the Rural Practitioner Tax Credit, you need to act today!


Let your legislators know why this tax credit is important to you
and your community and 
ask them to continue it.


Contact your Legislator         Contact Tax Credit Comm

OOPA is the only statewide advocacy for Optometry in Oregon.  


If you lose just one patient per month to online refractions or frames, is it worth $100 per month to invest in protecting your profession?  

Please join your peers in investing in OOPAC so we can educate legislators on the critical primary care Optometric Physicians provide in Oregon.