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Report Contact Lens Company Patient Safety Violations!

FTC Violations 

Other state associations are reporting violations from national online contact lens companies.  If you are experiencing any similar violations, please report these violations to ensure we can educate legislators about patient safety abuses as OOPA prepares for a tough February legislative battle to protect, promote and advance the professional practice of optometry in Oregon.

Here are examples of what we know is happening elsewhere:

  • “A second doctor reported the same issue yesterday with a patient who is going to send a photo of the contact lens box because the OD doesn’t think it is even the correct brand based on what the patient said.”  
  • “An OD called our association office to say that they are constantly getting faxes at 7 pm and she is gong to be collecting those which are time stamped.”

How to Report ViolationsAOA stacked_2015

1. Send a report to AOA at gro.aoanull@sLClagellIpotS and copy OOPA at gro.yrtemotponogeronull@tenaj.
2. Report each violation to the FTC via their online complaint system

Hale Testimony

Patient Safety is OUR Responsibility

OOPA was successful this legislative session in shutting down efforts by national online contact lens companies to bypass the doctor-patient relationship and market directly to your patients, calling them “consumers”.

We have heard they will be back in 2016 in full force to attack optometry again.

We are working NOW on your behalf to keep you as doctors in the clinical driver’s seat, ensuring that Oregon patients receive the best, safest outcomes.

It takes resources to fight for you.  Fight for us!   Contribute to OOPAC NOW!

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