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Suggested contribution of $100.00 per month.  By clicking the donate button, you will be redirected to a secure PayPal account for your OOPAC Contributions

Oregon Optometric Physicians provide more than 90% of primary eye health and vision care in Oregon.

Often, these doctors are the only access to sight and sometimes life saving medical eye care in rural and hard to reach communities throughout our state. Your support helps us ensure there will always be an eye doctor when you need one.

All children need comprehensive eye exams from age 0-18. School screenings do not diagnose critical eye health issues or many vision impairments. It’s important that all families have access to eye doctors.

People are more afraid of losing their vision than anything else besides cancer. If you can’t see, you can’t drive. Most often, you can’t work.

Make a donation to OOPAC now to ensure our legislators always prioritize Oregonians’ primary eye care as they make laws and allocate public funding for all Oregon residents.


OOPAC-logo-final-curve.text-web-largeWhat is OOPAC?  OOPAC is the Oregon Optometric Public Affairs Council. While separate organizations, OOPAC works with the Oregon Optometric Physicians Association.  Contributions are made to campaigns of legislators and candidates for the Oregon Legislature who support Optometry and our role as primary eye-care providers.  The PAC also allows special interest groups to contribute to campaigns and reaffirm support for legislators who support optometry’s goals.    Contributions are made to Democrats and Republicans, alike.  A strong PAC is critical to our lobbying success.



Why I Support OOPAC and AOAPAC, By David Wolf, OD