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Governor Kate Brown Signed SB-152

From the Executive Director 

By Janet Baker
OOPA Executive Director

On Monday, March 30th, Governor Kate Brown signed SB-152 into law ensuring that Oregon ODs continue to have the legal right to prescribe Hydrocodone combination drugs within your practice scope.  OOPA proposed this legislation because of the FDA reclassification of Hydrocodone to the more restrictive Schedule II, thereby removing it from the nontopical optometric formulary Oregon optometric physicians are allowed to prescribe.

The passage of this bill is a clear example of the power and importance of grassroots activism and legislative advocacy facilitated by OOPA.  This is the best of your membership dues at work.  Nearly 40 of your OD colleagues met personally with nearly the same number of legislators to promote passage of SB152.  Drs. Nicole Rush and Scott Walters testified in committee on your behalf.  OOPA’s lobbying team worked tirelessly to educate legislators on the importance of maintaining the right to prescribe needed pain relief to corneal abrasions and other acute injuries and diseases of the eye for a short period of time.

SB152 amends the statute to include language specifically authorizing the use of hydrocodone combinations by optometric physicians.  This will ensure that your patients can continue to receive the current quality of care without the increased cost of going to an additional health care provider for a hydrocodone combination pain medication.  Without this legislation, patients in rural and surgical setting would be especially impacted.

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