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Update on HB 3530-B: Lab and materials added. Please contact your Senator!

Once again, we urgently need your help in contacting your local Oregon Senator about HB 3530-B Prohibiting Vision Plan Abuses.  This bill has been amended from the  HB 3530-A version that you received recently.  It is the same bill, except the portion that was removed from the original bill (HB2299) regarding forced choice of labs and materials has been added again.  This is exciting news, but it also makes this bill a much bigger target for the opposition.  Your voices were heard last week and our Keyperson network made a huge difference in getting the bill amended and through the Senate Health Care Committee!!

However, we have a new situation.  As of last week, the bill was ready to go to the Senate floor for a vote and then back to the house for a second vote to concur with the amendments.  We have the votes!  As of yesterday, the lobbyists for the opposition have managed to tie up the bill in the Senate Rules Committee.  This tactic is often used to stop a bill if the opposition has no other options – we need to get the bill through this committee!


Members of the Senate Rules Committee are:

Senators Diane Rosenbaum, Ted Ferrioli, Ginny Burdick, Brian Boquist and Lee Beyer.  

It is very important that you contact your Senator, especially if they are listed above, to let them know that how important this bill is to Oregonians and Oregon small business.  Let them know we need their support to get it out of committee and out for a vote!  

Click here to view the updated one-pager, created by OOPA’s lobbyists.