OOPAC is the Oregon Optometric Public Affairs Council

Contributions are made to campaigns of legislators and candidates for the Oregon Legislature who support Optometry and our role as primary eye-care providers.   The PAC also allows special interest groups to contribute to campaigns and reaffirm support for legislators who support optometry’s goals.  A strong PAC is critical to our lobbying success.

OOPAC Was Here

  • 1976 DPA’s
  • 1985 TPA’s
  • 1992 Direct Access
  • 2001 Orals/Injectibles
  • 2013 Children’s Vision Bill
  • 2015 Hydrocodone Bill
  • 2015 Prohibiting Vision Plan Abuses [HB-3530]
  • 2015 Defeating online CL price fixing bill
  • 2017 Children’s Vision Funding 

OOPAC Is Here For Big Battles Ahead

  • Expanding Patient Access
  • Protecting Optometry’s Future
  • Enforcement of HB-3530
  • Telemedicine Legislation
  • Children’s Vision – No IEPs with out Comprehensive Exams