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RELEASE: April 30, 2020
CONTACT: Geoff Knapp (503) 654-3292; [email protected]

Oregon Optometric Physicians Association launches new website

Milwaukie, OR – Oregon Optometric Physicians Association (OOPA), a statewide organization
that promotes, protects and advances the professional practice of optometry, has launched a new website. The new site offers a range of new options that will provide easy access to education, advocacy, networking and more.

“Transitioning to a new, comprehensive website requires a great deal of commitment and focus,” said Lynne Olsen, director of operations, “but the result is well worth the effort.”

The site now manages memberships, virtual conferences, online education, peer-reviewed submissions, event registration and check-in, event attendee experience, a career center, news updates, member-to-member classified ads and more.

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RELEASE: April 24, 2020

CONTACT: Geoff Knapp (503) 654-5036; [email protected]

AOA and OOPA Encourages Patients to Contact Local Doctor of Optometry Before Seeking Emergency Department Treatment for Primary Eye Care Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

Milwaukie, OR -- As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rapidly evolve and place unprecedented strain on the U.S. healthcare system, the American Optometric Association (AOA) and Oregon Optometric Physicians Association (OOPA) encourages patients with urgent or emergency eye care needs to contact their local doctor of optometry before seeking treatment in emergency rooms.

“Most eye-related conditions reported in local emergency departments may be treatable in an outpatient optometry office or clinic,” said AOA President, Barbara L. Horn, O.D. “These actions will help reduce burdens on emergency departments and combat further community spread and a wider outbreak.”

Oregon’s optometrists have mostly remained open for urgent care only since Governor Brown’s “Stay at Home” order went into effect.

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Oregon Optometric Physicians Association (OOPA) Joins the American Optometric Association (AOA) and Doctors of Optometry Nationwide for the #2020EyeExam Campaign 

Milwaukie, OR – Oregon Optometric Physicians Association (OOPA) joins the #2020EyeExam campaign to make eye health and vision care a national priority in 2020. OOPA wants to underscore the importance of receiving an in-person comprehensive eye exam with an AOA doctor of optometry and make it part of their annual health care routine.
“Good vision is essential to quality of life and a comprehensive eye exam is an important, preventive way to preserve vision and help maintain overall health,” says Nicole Rush, OD, President, OOPA Board of Directors. “With over sixteen million Americans struggling with undiagnosed or untreated vision impairments, OOPA is excited to partner with the AOA and join the #2020EyeExam campaign to address this issue.” 

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