Scout Program

A new Scout patch program promoting vision awareness can help reach thousands of Oregon children in scouting.  And you can easily incorporate the campaign into your practice!     View article on scout visit to optometry office.  

The Vision Awareness Patch Program lets scouts earn a fun patch by visiting an optometry practice and taking part in other activities, such as learning how vision problems can affect school activities. 

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Let's get started:

You can connect with local scout troops by discussing this program with your patients who have children active in scouts or by visiting each organization’s regional council which covers your area.  From there, you can work together to identify the closest troops to your office.    

Click here for the
Girl Scout Council Finder.      Boy Scouts can earn the patch too - click here for the Boy Scout Local Council Locator.    

Ideas of what to do during the troop visits:
• Show them a pretest room and exam room and let them experience some of what an optometrist does during an eye exam
• Turn on the slit lamp and explain its purpose
• Show them a normal fundus photo and let them see how a photo is taken and what it can reveal
• Offer a hands-on session using the CCTV and electronic magnifiers so they can experience how a visually impaired child is able to see and read the same as other students

Plan a Virtual visit to your office

Order your patches from OOPA to give to the scouts once they have completed the patch requirements.  

More info:   How to Earn Your Own Patch   |    Promotional Poster for OOPA Offices  |   Scout Leaders & Parents Introduction   |    Vision Patch Ordering Information   |    Photography Release Form   |    Survey to help guide conversation with the scouts